Nation history

Several hundred years ago, this land was known as the untamed continent. Mighty beasts and deadly flora flourished as far as the eye could see. Man dared not set foot here. Even the mightiest emperors and generals considered the area a dead zone, but this all suddenly changed when the human race began manifesting magical power. With the aid of the supernatural, man rose to near the top of the food chain in this harshest of eco-systems. As always, with great power comes great abuse of power. Some people began twisting their gifts to serve their own ends. Magical gifts became a commodity to be traded to the highest bidders. Thieves, murderers, slavers… They all labored to control as much of the magic as possible. Before long, magic became blight upon the newly founded kingdoms.

Fed up with the state of things, a village elder named Durell Senadren banned the use of magic in his domain and built an army to eradicate dissenters. The Cleansing was one of the bloodiest and darkest periods in the nation’s history, a period marked by murder and persecution. Mages who agreed to give up their practice peaceably were relocated to the city of Valmora. Upon the conclusion of The Cleansing, Senadren declared himself Emperor, and ordered Valmora to be quarantined. No one was allowed in or out of the city for over 50 years.

It was just two years ago that King Kasimir was able to negotiate the release of Valmora with Emperor Belios Senadren. Since then, Valmora has become renowned for its scientific superiority and dark underworld. King Kasimir has a great burden in keeping the peace while further submitting to the rule of the empire.

Royal Family
  • King Kasimir – 44, Kasimir has lived most of his life in a city that has served as an internment camp. While he works hard to do what’s best for his people, he cowers before the authority of the empire. Kasimir is desperate to prevent Valmora from becoming a prison state again, or worse.
  • Queen Atara – 40, Atara is a distant relative of the emperor’s. Her love for Kasimir had a big part to play in his becoming king of the region. She is known to be a shrewd woman, and it is unknown how she prioritizes her loyalties.
  • Prince Alphonse – 24, Alphonse is the heir to the throne and Kasimir’s right hand. He enforces the law and plays an active part in regional defenses. While Alphonse is not afraid to challenge authority, he does so within the confines of what is socially acceptable.
  • Princess Camilla – 22, Camilla is known to abuse her power from time to time, often at the expense of her subjects. Camilla will do whatever she pleases in the name of amusement. She is feared by the general populace.
  • 2nd Prince Judith – 20, Judith does not show any interest in running the kingdom, and he often disappears for long intervals, which is attributed to avoidance of the politics of his office.
General Notes
  • Magic is still persecuted throughout the realm. People who openly practice sorcery are put to death. It is possible to obtain a permit for the use of magic, but they are exceptionally rare. Having a permit only gives you the right to use magic in the service of the government. It should also be noted that failure to report a misuse of magic carries the penalty of death.
  • Socio-economic classes do not typically mix, and the upper class has significantly more power by law. Be careful when choosing friends and foes. Also, royalty and the upper class are not allowed to marry people of lower classes. To join a higher class rank, you’ll need a significant increase in wealth and powerful friends.
  • The city is heavily patrolled and has one of the largest law enforcement populations in the empire. That being said, criminal activity is pretty hush-hush. The only criminals that make it here are the exceptionally good ones.
  • There is no mage’s guild, but there are a number of underground groups. This city has been home to a largely mage population for over 50 years, so they’re around.
  • This is a major city, and the resources in the surrounding area are plentiful. If this city doesn’t have what you want, you’re not looking for it right. Additionally, trade caravans regularly pass through here because of the exotic scientific wares.

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