The Dark Tongue, or Atel Ligor, is a language that stemmed from The Ancient Language. It has multiple dialects that vary between each race that uses it.

Speakers of the Dark TongueEdit

The Dark Tongue has many users. The most common users are orcs and the possibly-extinct ecanin. Others include cultist followers of Skoros. The only two gods fluent in the language are its creator, Skoros, and his lover, Iaph, the goddess of lust.

Words of the Dark TongueEdit

The Dark Tongue's users call their language "Atel Ligor."

The Races According to Atel LigorEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Extrihir (Extrihirt)

Dwarf - Silrex (Silrexet)

Elf - Ventur (Venturt)

Gnome - Insulitos (Insulitoset)

Halfling - Furturit (Furturitet)

Human - Hurmus (Hurmuset)

Khin - Inkendur (Inkendurt)

Orc - Axet (Axetet)

Saquan - Undax (Undaxet)

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