Not to be confused with Ancient Etan, the Ancient Language, or Sanctus, is the language of the Gods and was the first language of mortals.

Speakers of the Ancient LanguageEdit

All the Gods and heavenly beings speak the Ancient Language as their first language. The dragons of Etan can speak fluently, and many preists and pious people can use the tongue in a barely fluent manner. Aside from them, practically no one knows the language.

Words of the Ancient LanguageEdit

In its own tongue, the Ancient Language is called Sanctus.

The Races According to SanctusEdit

Sanctus does not pluralize its nouns. Rather, the pluralization of Elf would be "Many Elf."

Dragon - Valde

Dwarf - Potens

Elf - Prudens

Gnome - Insolitus

Halfling - Felicis

Human - Antiquus

Khin - Impetus

Orc - Atra

Saquan - Mitis

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