Tenordo, or Ranked Trial is the Mage's Guild's annual tournament for battle rank.


Tenordo is held on the third day of Estus every year.


Throughout the day, there are several competitions for members of the various ranks in the Mage's Guild. The events are held in a large arena at the guild headquarters. With the exception of the final tournament, the competitions are designed to be non-lethal, although deaths have happened. Severe injuries are relativly common place as dealing with injury is an important part of combat.

Elementalist ChallengeEdit

The tournament begins with a series of battle challenges designed to test initiates' skills and discipline in combat. Any initiates who do well enough are promoted to the rank of Elementalist and become active members in the guild.

Battlemage ChallengeEdit

After the Elementalist Challenge, a second series to challenges is run designed to test Elementalists' skills and leadership of other in comabat. The top ten to twenty elementalists are promoted to the rank of Battlemage and given a unit of Elementalists to command.

Elite Battlemage ChallengeEdit

After the Elementalist Challenge is another series to challenges designed to test Battlemagi's skills and abilities to handle the position of Elite Battlemage. The top two contestants are promoted to Elite Battlemage in the event of any vacancy of the position after the Battle for the War Wizard position.

Battle for War WizardEdit

The final challenge of Tenordo is actually a battle to the death between the current War Wizard and a challenging Elite Battlemage. If both Elite Battlemagi wish to challenge the War Wizard, a separate non-lethal battle is held earlier in the day to determine who gets to opportunity to challenge the War Wizard.

The battle is a large event and the arena is usually packed for this battle. The two combatants battle until one is unable to continue. Frequently this only happens when the combatant is killed. There have been no surviving former War Wizards as of yet.

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