Through a large crevice in the swamp of Palux grows a gigantic oak tree. Its trunk grows from deep in the next layer of Nex: Silvex, a dark forest filled with suffocating fog and haunting howls.

Geography Edit

Silvex is a forest without significant illumination. Through the treetops a faint, eerie glow of a moon-like orb is visible, though hazed by fog. Escape to Palux sounds simple, with the climbing of the giant oak. However, making its den around the base of the oak are packs of Ujisi: sentient, winged, wolf-like devils. No matter how high one actually manages to climb on the tree, they can fly higher. North of the tree is a pit lined with vines leading into the dark jungle known as Aspex.

Lifeforms Edit

Ujisi Edit

Demons Edit

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