The Feathered Prince
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Breed White
Thralls 200
Roost Aur'Mar Mountains
Favored Race Elves

Shard has the smallest number of thralls out of the Dragons of Darvasi. He tends to 200 thralls, each of them earning his protection by entertaining him with beautiful music. He is fully willing to protect anything that is immediately threatened, but is quite picky when chosing his thralls. His cave is on the eastern side of the Aur'Mar Mountains, at the spring that flows into the Agoadda River. Because of the arid climate, his thralls don't include any Saquan. Instead, they are made up of 70 Elves, 60 Halflings, 38 Gnomes, 18 Humans, and 14 Khin.

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