Saqua, or Canzone, is a beautiful language that is commonly sung rather than spoken, though speaking is not unheard of or taboo.

Speakers (or Singers) of SaquaEdit

Saqua is the native language of the saquan and its dialects vary just as much as the saquan ethnicities. Many expert traders have learned the language as well so as to increase the good will and trade with the Saquan, since they are famous for their economic talent. Sailors also have a tendancy to learn the language in order to get directions from passing saquan. Finally, pirates often learn the language for information trade to increase their chances of plunder.

Words of SaquaEdit

Saquan call their own language "Canzone."

The Races According to CanzoneEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Drago (Draghi)

Dwarf - Minatore (Minatori)

Elf - Elfo (Elfi)

Gnome - Gnomo (Gnomi)

Halfling - Destino (Destini)

Human - Umano (Umani)

Khin - Caldo (Caldi)

Orc - Scuro (Scuri)

Saquan - Paraggo (Paraggi)

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