The Noctus is one of the first creatures created by Mortis in Nex.


The Noctus was first created to harvest souls from the mortals for use in his experiments to create new terrifying and deadly creations. It has since be come a symbol of death throughout Etan.



Noctus have a humanoid shape, approximately three meters in height and are covered in dark, hooded cloaks. They have gray and decayed bodies, and, like a ghost, they can fly freely, without support.


A Noctus's primary ability is the ability to steal a soul from a living mortal to take back to Mortis's lair in Nex. This ability has been known to have been thwarted by the gods when a particularly strong follower was targeted. Incidentally, the Noctus tend to target mortals who are not strongly devoted to a deity and does not target followers of the Dark Lords.

In addition to it's ability to absorb mortal souls, the Noctus is extremely skilled at stealth and avoiding detections. It can pass though physical objects and float though the air, much like a ghost, and it uses these abilities to ambush targets and catch them by surprise.

The greatest weakness of the Noctus, however, is its inability to come into contact with the light from the sun. If it is caught in daylight, the Noctus will permanently turn into stone. The Noctus will also shy away from fire, fearing Faris's passionate hatred for the Mortis and Arwaith.

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