Mock Dragon
Mock Dragon
Significantly Larger
Vital Statistics
Creator Unknown
Average Height 5-7 inches (30-40 feet)
Average Weight 1-2 lbs (Unknown)
Maturity 20
Life Span 450

Mock Dragons are the second smallest breed of Demi-Dragons next to the Vampire Dragon. They have irridecent silver and blue scales and eyes, shimmering either color in varying light. When threatened, they can grow in size, usually almost as big as a wyvern. Sightings of these transformed Mock Dragons have started rumors of holy wyverns. Of course, such rumors make any Dragon expert scoff dismissively.

Anyone that has the patience to train a wyvern or Demi-Dragon finds that Mock Dragons make excellent flying mounts, as they can both provide a form large enough to ride as well as a form small enough to keep tucked away.

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