Lore Dragons
Lore Dragon
A Fascinating Read
Vital Statistics
Creator Unknown
Average Height 3'0"
Average Weight 7-10 lbs.
Maturity 100
Life Span 900

Lore Dragons are the smartest of any demi-dragons, as well as the only dragons or demi-dragons that actually grow hair, presenting a long, white, wizardly beard. They can memorize entire books and write new ones in a few hours. If they are not writing, they are always observing. Often perched on their master's shoulder, they speak no words to anyone else unless their master gives permission. Proper etiquitte for greeting a Lore Dragon is to greet the master first, then the demi-dragon, third, request the master's permission to speak to the demi-dragon, and finally, speak to the Lore Dragon. In spite of their interest for non-fictional knowledge, they are excellent story-tellers, making them very renowned among the Halfling shires.

They have smooth white scales and are 3 feet long including the tail. They typically weigh 7-10 pounds. Due to being an entirely domesticated species, the lore dragon’s diet consist of foods similar to its master’s, and will also include mice, rats, spiders, roaches, and other vermin. Its hands are very dexterous compared to other demidragons, including opposable thumbs that allow it to hold books and quills. They even have glands in their mouths that secrete a black, ink-like substance.

They are often assigned to a master at the age of 30-70 years, but will not be able to reproduce until the age of 100, at which point they will retire from adventure until they find a mate and raise a child from an egg to the adventuring age. When its child is old enough to adventure, it will continue adventuring as well. Their final years are the same as those of an elf, reaching 900 years of age.

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