#I: Backsea Road#I: Backsea Road#II: Mithryn Shipyard#III: Ograf's Warchest#IV: Mistress Anale's Brothel#V: Sacred Copse#VI: Mage's Guild, Mithryn Chapter#VII: Beggar's Road#VIII: Mithryn Castle#IX: Graveyard (Upper Class)#X: Office#XI: Royal Stable#XII: Royal Armory#XIII: Dwarven Brothel#XIV: Mining Center#XV: Carpenter's Guild#XVI: Barin Hotspring#XVII: Graveyard of Heroes#XVIII: The Black Wall#XIX: Marketplace#XX: King's Square#XXI: Barracks#XXII: Hunting Grounds#XXIII: Tannery#XXIV: Stables#XXV: Graveyard (Middle Class)#XXVI: Chadry's Warehouse#XXVII: Beary's Inn#SawmillMithryn
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Locations of InterestEdit

I: Backsea RoadEdit

Roads leading along the outside of the walls from the east and west gates to the shipyard.

II: Mithryn ShipyardEdit

The Mithryn shipyard is only open for six months out of the year, but during those months it is important for getting the city supplies for the next winter.

III: Ograf's WarchestEdit

Ograf's Warchest is run by Ograf, the most skilled blacksmith in Mithryn.

IV: Mistress Anale's BrothelEdit

A commonly visited brothel located just outside the city walls to the west. A location frequently used for conducting some of the less savory business around town.

V: Sacred CopseEdit

VI: Mage's Guild, Mithryn ChapterEdit

The local chapter of the Mage's Guild, it is currently under the management of the Arcanist Turgûl Templaistar.

VII: Beggar's RoadEdit

The road leading along the outside of the walls from Ord Pass to the slums. The Tannery is located on this road.

VIII: Mithryn CastleEdit

The castle and residence of the royal family, it is well defended by a "moat" of spikes. The road leading to the castle has the statues commemorating the royal linage.

IX: Graveyard (Upper Class)Edit

X: OfficeEdit

The local office.

XI: Royal StableEdit

The royal stables house the noble steeds of the royal family, such as King Ataeus' favored horse.

XII: Royal ArmoryEdit

Armory for the royal guard and royal family.

XIII: Dwarven BrothelEdit

A popular location for the local dwarven miners to relax after a long day mining. Usually avoided by non-dwarven folk.

XIV: Mining CenterEdit

The mining center serves as the headquarters for the mithril mining operations that the city thrives on.

XV: Carpenter's GuildEdit

XVI: Barin HotspringEdit

XVII: Graveyard of HeroesEdit

XVIII: The Black WallEdit

A large wall surrounding the town made of black stone. There are several towers along the wall for the guards to keep watch from.

XIX: MarketplaceEdit

XX: King's SquareEdit

XXI: BarracksEdit

XXII: Hunting GroundsEdit

XXIII: TanneryEdit

XXIV: StablesEdit

XXV: Graveyard (Middle Class)Edit

XXVI: Chadry's WarehouseEdit

XXVII: Beary's InnEdit

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