• Southport - Pop: 41,053. The densely populated capital of the Corthin Kingdom and location of the largest church of Tempora.
  • Edgewood - Pop: 32,842. A city village of lumberjacks located on the outskirts of the Dark Wood that serves as the primary supply of lumber throughout the kingdom.
  • Portland - Pop: 24,632.
  • Farmington - Pop: 19,706. A large farming community located in the Endless Wheat Fields and serves as the primary source of grain to the entire kingdom.
  • Isleville - Pop: 17,735.
  • Capetown - Pop: 14,188.
  • Riverton - Pop: 9,222.
  • Storquil - Pop: 7,466. A town located on the northern end of the beautiful Emerald Hills. Serves as a waypoint between Southporth and the northern towns. Also served as a refugee point for those fleeing from Fabul in 6155AL.
  • Pacil - Pop: 80. A small fishing village. It's known for its serene, peaceful way of life, almost untouched by violence.
  • Fabul - Pop: 0. An obsolete fishing village who's water and way of life were taken away when Sapphire Lake mysteriously drained in 6155AL.

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