Khinnish, or Klöppel, is a language that sound similar to the harsh sounds of Dwarven. The alphabet is similar, though it involves more curved lines since it is a written language and not a carved one.

Speakers of KhinnishEdit

Because khin culture is more insular than any other culture (except that of the forest folk), it is rare for anyone aside from the khin to speak the language.

Words of KhinnishEdit

The khin call their own language Klöppel

The Races According to KlöppelEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Drache (Drachen)

Dwarf - Zwerg (Zwerge)

Elf - Elfe (Elfen)

Gnome - Gnom (Gnomen)

Halfling - Kleineskind (Kleineskinde)

Human - Menschlich (Menschen)

Khin - Volk (Volk)

Orc - Ork (Ork)

Saquan - Meeralte (Meeralten)

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