Over time, Sanctus slowly evolved into Common. Ianus is the step between the two. Like Sanctus, it is also a dead language, though it still has its uses. in the time that Oluwai had come to Etan, Ianus was the common language used throughout the land. Because of this, the Arcane Tap is accessed with the words of Ianus. Those that learn Sanctus find little trouble in learning Ianus.

Ianus was originally the language of the humans before and during the time of the Divine Schism. After the Sator created their own races, each race created their own languages and the humans stuck to Ianus out of distrust. After the Second Divine War, Common was created as a trade language, a language of trust. By the early Age of Mortality, Ianus had died out.

Speakers of IanusEdit

Ianus is a dead language and has almost no speakers. However, being a necessity for chanting arcane spells, any Arcanists that choose to chant spells know it.

Words of IanusEdit

The language of the arcane is known as Ianus in both common and its own speech.

The Races According to IanusEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Dragu (Dragus)

Dwarf - Deur (Deurs)

Elf - Ell (Evs)

Gnome - Gurms (Gurmi)

Halfling - Helf (Helvs)

Human - Homis (Homin)

Khin - Kin (Kins)

Orc - Urc (Urcs)

Saquan - Sras (Srases)

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