Glaciex is the first and largest layer of Nex. It is a vast frozen wasteland with blustering winds that can freeze any living humanoid in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately for those that are in Nex, they are already dead and can only spend all of eternity with the freezing pain.

Geography Edit

The only liquid water is what surrounds the wastes, inhabited by aquatic demons. Other than that, the entire layer is a continent of rock, snow, and ice. It's said that the mountain peaks receive such harsh wind that were the living to climb to the top, their flesh would be torn apart by the gusts. Near the center of the continent, there is a settlement of Imps, heavily concentrated on slave trade. Northwest of this settlement is the center of the continent and a gaping canyon. A thick fog of mist gathers around the gash, seeping into the swamps of Nex, Palux.

Life Forms Edit

Imp Edit

Demons Edit

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