Fairy Dragons
Fairy Dragon
Playing "Hide and Seek"
Vital Statistics
Creator FNORD
Average Height 2'6"
Average Weight 10 lbs.
Maturity 20
Life Span 200

Fairy Dragons are very loving and playful creatures. However, they are entirely capable of defending themselves, having very sharp teeth and a bite that can lull nearly any being into a deep sleep. They tend to gather in groves with fey, acting as their guard dogs, mounts, or just adoring pets. They greatly enjoy playing with newcomers and passersby, though outsiders absolutely must treat them with respect, as they are extremely proud creatures. If a traveler is stopped by one or more Fairy Dragons in a forest, he or she would find it well advised to bow deep until they bow back. After the formalities, the colorful demi-dragons beg for the traveler to join in their games of hide-and-seek or tag.

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