Dwarven, or Dwarrem, is the language of the dwarves and sounds similar to Khinnish in the fact that it is harsh sounding. Its written alphabet is more often carved than it is written, making curved lines in the letters uncommon as they are hard to carve.

Speakers of DwarvenEdit

Dwarven is a tough language to learn, and so it is uncommon for anyone aside from dwarves to speak it.

Words of DwarvenEdit

Dwarves call their own language Dwarrem. Pluralization in Dwarrem involves adding the suffix "-jor."

The Races According to DwarremEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Durgarn(Durgarnhrot)

Dwarf - Dwar (Dwarjor)

Elf - Olv (Olvjor)

Gnome - Gnur (Gnurjor)

Halfling - Heng (Hengjor)

Human - Hurm (Hurmjor)

Khin - Kem (Kemjor)

Orc - Ork (Orkjor

Saquan - Sauk (Saukjor)

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