Draconic, or Vs'shtak, is an ancient language that decended from Sanctus.

Speakers of DraconicEdit

Draconic is a difficult language to learn. The only fluent users of the language are dragons and kobolds. Each dragon color has its own dialect and the kobolds decended from each color use the corresponding dialect. Aside from the sentient warm-blooded reptiles, the only users of draconic are people capable of chanting elemental spells, as the language is required to chant all spells.

Words of DraconicEdit

Dragons and kobolds call their language Vs'shtak.

The Races According to Vs'shtakEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Darastrix (Darastrixi)

Dwarf - Tundar (Tundari)

Elf - Vaecaesin (Vaecaesini)

Gnome - Terunt (Terunti)

Halfling - Rauhiss (Rauhissi)

Human - Munthrek (Munthreki)

Khin - Ixenakitisu (Ixenakitisi)

Orc - Ghik (Ghiki)

Saquan - Hesjingakitisu (Hesjingakitisi)

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