The Divine Level is an attempt by mortals to classify the gods according to power. These levels, from most to least powerful are: Overgod, Greater, Minor, and Racial.


The only god of overgod power is, Arwaith, creator of all other gods. None equal his power except perhaps the mysterious deity, Nerunelümo, and none surpass him. Arwaith is the only known entity to have the ability to create divine life.


See also: Sator

These gods are the second most powerful deities. The Sator as well as Skoros are classified as Greater. Other than Arwaith, the Greater Deities are the only ones able to create intelligent life.


Most gods are of a minor power level. These are the weakest and by far most numerous level of full-deity.


Main article: Council of Valdûn

While not technically deities, the racial deities are mortals who have been augmented by the gods to fight in the defense of Etan. The are more powerful and life much longer than normal mortals, but are not nearly as strong as the weakest of Minor Gods.

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