The Darvasi Trade Council was founded in 3681 AL in an attempt for peace after several wars swept across the continent. Its primary purpose is to regulate international trade across Darvasi, but it is also a place where the various nations can bring grievances and attempt to work out a peaceful solution without having to resort to further war. Additionally, if a common enemy threatens the continent, generals from each nation join the bureaucrats and discuss strategy.

Each nation has its own representative, even if two nations are at war with one another. This is because, without a seat on the trade council, a nation that is deemed large enough to be part of the council forfeits international trade and may even be embargoed until it rejoins the council.


Each member of the council is selected differently by their own nation. Some are elected, some are appointed by their king. Table 1 shows the title and abbreviation of each race on the council

Race Title Abbrev.
Dwarf Arumel Aml.
Elf Maldatura Mtr.
Gnome Chancellor Chl.
Halfling Councilor Cl.
Human Councilliarii Csl.
Khin Kanzler Kr.
Saquan Consigliere Cn.

Table 2 shows all the first members of the founding of the council and what nation they came from.

Nation Member
Anfalasdôr Mtr. Lyir Bes'san
Ang'Dwarkar Aml. Thokral Harrak
Aur'Dwarkar Aml. Delin Nalvir
Corthin Csl. Arder Rall
Dor'Dwarkar Aml. Thris Beleft
Dröst Csl. Nalia Lyem
Engonia Csl. Kimit Skeln
Eulosi Cn. Zaffiro Diamante
Khinriech Kr. Börse Kupfer
Laetifico Csl. Casis Vorris
Lethunial Mtr. Araia Luth'arna
Marnarn'Dwarkar Aml. Falel Ereft
Nobmottin Chl. Fred Bezzelbopchennelgrumitopington VIII
Pelymnya Cn. Affari Pescare
Saurunal Cn. Nordico Gelo
Scir Cl. Candoel Copperhand
Sollicitus Csl. Irm Venton
Sywnvale Cn. D'oro Marittimo


Each representative on the council gets one vote in any situation, except the Chairmen, who get two votes on all matters. To become a Chairman, one must be the representative of the nation with the highest population density of one race. There is one Chairman for each race.

Maldatura Lyir Bes’sanEdit

Mtr. Bes’san is the Elven Chairman and representative of Anfalasdôr.

Councilliarii Kimit SkelnEdit

Cnc. Skeln is the Human Chairman and representative of Engonia.

Consigliere Zaffiro DiamanteEdit

Cn. Diamante is the Saquan Chairman and representative of Eulosi.

Kanzler Börse KupferEdit

Kr. Kupfer is the Khin Chairman and the representative of the only Khin nation: Khinreich.

Aurmel Falel EreftEdit

Aml. Ereft is the Dwarven Chairwoman and the representative of Marnarn'Dwarkar.

Chancellor Fred Bezzelbopchennelgrumitopington VIIIEdit

Chl. Bezzelbopchennelgrumitopington VIII is the Gnommish Chairman and the representative of the only Gnommish nation: Nobmottin. He has no ancestors that share his name, in spite of his title “the eighth.”

Councilor Candoel CopperhandEdit

Cl. Copperhand is the Halfling Chairwoman and representative of the only Halfling nation: Scir.

Executive ChairmanEdit

The Executive Chairman is voted into his or her position. Unlike other matters, a Chairman’s vote is worth just as much as other representatives when it comes to electing the Executive Chairman. To be eligible, one must already be a Chairman. In the event of there being a tie, a second vote takes place. This time, only the Chairmen can vote. The first Executive Chairman election was a tie between Kr. Kupfer and Cn. Diamante. After the tie-breaker, the first Executive Chairman became Consigliere Zaffiro Diamante. In addition to his votes counting twice, like those of other Chairmen, he also had the power to veto any suggestions of which he did not approve.

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