Bald is an independent trading port that is the largest trading hub in eastern Darvasi.

Location Edit

Bald is located on an island in the middle of Bald Lake, north of the Corthin Kingdom. Bald has several fairy services to transport merchants and others to and from the coastline of Bald Lake.


The city is eventually run by the city guard with the Captain of the Guard being considered in charge of the city. The guard however rarely gets involved with anything going on in the city. As long as a minimal amount of order is maintained, the guard is content to ignore any unsavory activities.

Captain of the Guard Edit

The Captain of the Guard is in charge of the town guard and serves as a judge for any major disagreements that occur in Bald. The captain commands a certain amount of respect, though this is more due to fear of being banished from the city than anything else. The captain becomes captain by killing or other wise taking the power from their predecessor.

Recent Captains of the Guard: