The third deepest layer of Nex, Aspex is a jungle sharing a few characteristics with the forest above it. The dark jungle is also filled with howls, however, the howling sounds very different from those in Silvex.

Geography Edit

Like Silvex, the path to the next level of Nex is practically paved, though rather than a giant oak, it is a curtain of vines that drape down from the hole in the sky. Also, the devils of this layer guard the exit closely. The Worwor, named for the sound of their howl, are very nimble and able to climb far faster than a mortal. To the West of the exit to Silvex is a field covered in more vines, vines that ensnare mortals and pull them down into the desert of Incultax.

Lifeforms Edit

Worwor Edit

Demons Edit

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