Ancient Etan, or Ve'edai Me'lin is the only language that most Gods do not know. However, it is the second oldest language.

Speakers of Ancient EtanEdit

Ancient Etan is an extremely enigmatic language and is rarely heard. The only beings who use it naturally are the forest folk, including ents, centaurs, and fey. The only Gods that know it are Kanati, Mylu, and Selu. Aside from forest folk, mortals who are able to speak this old tongue are limited to protectors of nature and users of nature magic, known as druids.

Words of Ancient EtanEdit

Speakers of this aged language call it Ve'edai Me'lin, meaning "Our People's Speech".

Many words such as "dead," or "alone" do not exactly translate into the language. Such words are literally translated as "not alive" or "not together" using the prefix nik- which translates to "not." This holds true for "not humans" and "not halflings," which are orcs and gnomes respectively.

The Races According to Ve'edai Me'linEdit

Common - Translation (Pluralization)

Dragon - Ka'lis (Ka'lis B'tsai)

Dwarf - Ternaared (Ternaar'edai)

Elf - Vesturid (Vesturi'edai)

Gnome - Nik'Jusetid (Nik'Juseti'edai)

Halfling - Jusetid (Juseti'edai)

Human - Myrled (Myrl'edai)

Khin - Fyrned (Fyrn'edai)

Orc - Nik'Myrled (Nik'Myrl'edai)

Saquan - Anurised (Anuris'edai)

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